About Us


BlkSheep Empire, was established in 2013 by myself (Jen Webb) and my partner Jay. I am the Designer and the first Black Sheep in my flock.

Growing up, I, like many others, felt a little bit like a black sheep. But, if there was one thing I LOVED, it was shoes. Every outfit my shoes would be the focus. Whatever I wore, they were my statement. I dressed from the feet up and this has not changed one bit.

Metallics, bold colours and reflective leathers are what I am drawn too and I adore striking patterns and prints. I also have a huge love and respect for animals, so if i am designing a pattern, I usually select animals for inspiration such as my SHARKIE sneakers.

During University I studied Graphic Design, but I felt there was still something missing. I instinctively knew that shoes were my passion, so after graduation, I went on a shoe journey. I travelled to Spain and worked at a shoe factory to get a glimpse of the industry and I fell head over heels. I knew this is what I wanted. What I love. And what I needed to be doing. So I followed that gut feeling. I landed a job in Hong Kong as a footwear designer, and from there I learnt the ins and outs of the shoe-world and built up a portfolio of work.

A few years down the track, my partner Jay nudged me to start BlkSheep Empire to create shoes for women who couldn't find what they wanted in the market. If you’re looking for a pair of statement shoes in bold leathers in a classic style, then try a pair from my collection. I focus on leather uppers and leather linings that are not only comfortable but durable.


I took a classic oxford silhouette and crafted the shape of the toe to be almond shaped. It’s not too round and not too pointy. I created this shape because it’s slimming and I am personally not a fan of rounded toe oxfords. Especially being a size EU39 myself, I usually create my collection to be streamline and slimming. Oxfords are definitely my go to shoes for the week and I usually pair them with a simple outfit like black denim and a plain white T-shirt. When creating an oxford collection, I always look for leathers that can be dressed up or down, making it a perfect versatile asset to my wardrobe. The small details in the style are the triangle eyelets and the back heel stud, that just add a little BlkSheep to the style.


The Blksheep flats are where I can be a little more adventurous with the colour of the leather. From this year’s collection, MERMAID, is simply everything. This leather is iridescent from green to purple and it’s a daring colour, you simply cannot take your eyes off it. Usually I design all flats to have a black suede trim just to add a little more comfort rather than a fabric trim. Also, the black trim when paired against the leather upper, it helps the colour of the leather POP!


New to the collection are our sneaker range. What I wanted for the range was a unique sole, thus for styles WOLF and PIXIE, I’ve used a black and white marble base. In this initial range, the leathers selected were subtle metallics and this awesome scarlet red. I understand that there is a huge white sneaker trend but if you’re looking for something else/something different definitely check these out.


For information about my BLKSHEEP SANRIO crossover collection, check out my collaboration page for all the behind the scenes info and images on the process.