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With a holographic finish, this leather shines with subtle iridescent hues of muted blues and calm silvers. The slight texture to the material allows the light to display the majestic cool colour palette that is perfect when paired with denim or neutrals. Simply put: add a touch of fun to your outfit!

  • Also available in a flat.

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Due to popular demand, we have been inundated with last minute Pre-Orders. Therefore, the collection and delivery date for the entire Blksheep Collection must unfortunately be delayed to 23rd November (original date 30th October). We would like to ask for your patience as we get everyone the shoes they love, and sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused.

For international orders: Shoes will be shipped on the 23rd November.


  • Iridescent light blue leather upper
  • Blue leather lining
  • 4mm insole padding 
  • Leather and white rubber soles
  • White waxed cotton shoelaces 


Foot length in millimeters (mm)

Length MM
35 4 2 221 - 225
36 5 3
225 - 229
37 6 4
233 - 238
38 7 5
238 - 242
39 8 6
246 - 250
40 9 7
254 - 258
41 10 8
259 - 263